Here's Why San Francisco Is Ranked the Raddest City in America This Year

What's not to like? Also, where does he keep his ATM card?
Before you start whining again about how San Francisco seems to have more cock rings than parking spaces, read this piece of great news: S.F. was just voted the best city in America -- yes, even better than New York.

As our sister blog the Exhibitionist notes, Businessweek put together a slideshow of the top 50 cities in America, concluding that we're the boss, and here's why:

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The City by the Bay, this year's winner, provides residents with the best blend of entertainment, education, safety, clear air, and a prosperous economic base. As the heart of the Bay Area, San Francisco draws on the prosperity of Silicon Valley and possesses its own diverse history well represented at cultural centers such as the de Young Museum. Residents care fiercely about their cafés and causes; night life flourishes in the Mission and the Castro, while tech companies code away in SOMA.
So you have to wear a sweater and a jacket all summer in San Francisco. Big deal. And doesn't it make us more interesting that our transit system runs crazy racist ads on its buses? Who cares if we keep trying to legislate penises? We have 70 museums, 52 libraries, and 394 watering holes, including the quirky Gold Dust Lounge.

So Los Angeles, which, by the way, came in dead last, can put that piece of news in its pipe and smoke it. Oh, wait, that city is trying to ban pot clubs. Never mind.

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Just when you though the word rad was passé!


Just when you thought the word Rad was passé!

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