Berkeley School Board Learns That Superintendent Candidate Backed Prop. 8

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Heatly is feeling the heat from Berkeley parents
It seems like Berkeley school officials didn't do their homework.

The Berkeley Unified School District seemed ready to hire Edmond Heatley as the district's new superintendent of schools. And why wouldn't they? He has a rather impressive résumé  including a stint as the head of Chino Valley schools.

Well, his résumé is impressive until you read about how Heatley had urged the Chino Valley Board of Education to pass a resolution supporting the passage of Proposition 8, the state's ban on gay marriage, according to Berkeleyside.

Here's a snippet from Heatley's missive to the board in 2008, which came under fire during the public comment period at last night's meeting:
If Proposition 8 is not successful, then school districts throughout California will inevitably be required to adjust their policies and curriculum to align with the Court's recent redefinition of marriage. This resolution also recognizes that the ideal learning environment for children is within a nurturing home governed jointly by a mother and a father as primary educators of their children.
That's not very Berkeley of him. In contrast, Berkeley schools adopted the Human Rights Campaign's Welcoming Schools curriculum in 2010, and BUSD and the city of Berkeley have continued to be at the forefront of LGBT-friendly policies.

This information came to light during the public comment period at last night's meeting, where the Board of Education was discussing his possible tenure with the district.

According to the news site, the board, reversed its plan to fill the post this week, and instead announced it would hold off on appointing a new superintendent. Specifically, the group says it wants more time to research Heatley, who by the way, is the only candidate up for the job.

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