S.F. Cops Arrest Gun-Happy Man in Bayview

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Yesterday, we told readers about how police made a rather successful gun sweep through the Bayview District last weekend, collecting 10 firearms on Saturday alone.

One of those alleged gun-toters was 21-year-old Daron Raynaldo of San Francisco, who was busted with multiple illegal firearms inside his home, said Officer Carlos Manfredi.

Police had their eye on Raynaldo after getting tips that he had a stash of guns, including an assault weapon, in his possession. Bayview officers quickly secured a search warrant for Raynaldo and his home on the 700 block of Missouri Street. To ensure Raynaldo wouldn't turn his assault weapon on officers, police waited for him to leave his home -- sans the big gun.
Police made their move on Saturday when Raynaldo was spotted leaving his residence, along with his girlfriend and three small children. He was detained while officers searched his home, where they found the following:

  • a loaded MAC 10 assault weapon in the kitchen closet;

  • a loaded 9mm semi-automatic handgun under the mattress in the suspect's bedroom;

  • a loaded .22 caliber rifle with a cut off stock under an ottoman;

Oh, and all these loaded guns were within a child's reach.

Raynaldo was arrested and charged with multiple counts of illegal possession of firearms, carrying a loaded hand gun, and child cruelty.

Raynaldo's guns were one of a dozen police recovered over the weekend in a 54-hour period. Bayview officers seized a total of 14 firearms and arrested five individuals, including one parolee and one person on probation.

And that's how it's done -- without employing stop-and-frisk.  

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