Polite Techies Triumph Over Passive-Aggressive Parking Notes

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You, too can be this fucking nice to your neighbors
We revel in the parking drama over in Bernal Heights with the same gross enthusiasm we exercise when we get sucked into bad reality television.

Sadly, it appears our local guilty pleasure is no more. According to Bernalwood, a group of smart and really nice techies have created a new, more polite way to tell your neighbor to suck it, 21st century-style.

It's easy. If your neighbor's car is blocking your driveway, CurbTxt allows you to send a really nice SMS to them asking them to kindly get the hell out of your way. "Kindly" being the key word.

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That means no more f-bomb-laced notes need to be slapped on parked cars. This new technology aims to make everyone everywhere just a little bit happier.  

Here's how CurbTxt founders explain it:

"We follow the parking madness on the Bernalwood blog and that served as an inspiration," says founder Alex, who was also partially inspired by the fact he owns a vintage school bus. He says his ride is "non-standard" when it comes to parking, so he wants to be sensitive to his neighbors' parking needs.

This is a close-knit community, and it can be damaging when tickets or tow trucks get involved, he says. We can act more like neighbors by reaching out directly to each other.
So if you aspire to be a better person than you are right now, then start by texting your license plate number to 529-5775 from your cell phone (yes, it has to be your phone). Afterward, stick a CurbTxt logo sticker next to your rear license plate so that neighbors know they can text you when you are being an asshole.

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