S.F. Unbeautifies Parking in the Richmond

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Matthew R via RichmondSFBlog.com
How rude!
As if parking in the city wasn't depressing enough, the San Francisco MTA has made it even more cheerless. Transportation officials have reportedly uprooted the only pleasant thing about parking in the Richmond when they removed the vibrant bushes that had been attached to meters along Clement Street last month.

According to the RichmondSFBlog, the good work of the mysterious "pole gardener" has been plucked from parking meters in front of Green Apple Books and Foggy Notion Boutique, and yes, both businesses are sore about it.

Initially, the city claimed it would leave the luscious landscape for all to enjoy, but apparently officials have decided they don't want us to be happy after all.

Per RichmondSFBlog:

Today we received several e-mails, and photos, alerting us that the SFMTA is removing the pole gardens that are attached to parking meters along Clement Street. While we don't expect the SFMTA to reinstall the pole gardens in a better location, let's hope they don't feel inclined to take down all of the pole gardens that have popped up on Clement Street. As one commenter put it, "It's wonderful that someone cares enough about the neighborhood to beautify it like this."
Paul Rose, spokesman for SFMTA, left his own comment on the neighborhood blog, explaining the logic behind the ungreening of the business district.

"Due to potential concerns related to safety, loose wires, and some of the boxes falling apart, we had to remove the plants. We'll work with other city agencies to see if we can come up with parameters for a reasonable and acceptable arrangement for future consideration."

Well, here's what Richmond residents had to say about that:


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Bah Humbug!

The Clement Street neighborhood is a vibrant multicultural community, the 'pole gardens' were well maintained, whimsical and charming, they brought a touch of nature to an otherwise urban environment. 

Doesn't the San Francisco MTA have anything better to do???

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