Bernal Heights Dads, Stoners Have Maybe Resolved the Pro-Life Billboard Controversy

After enduring a weeklong of back-and-forth nastiness for the whole neighborhood to see, Bernal Heights fathers have taken it upon themselves to bring a little sunshine and civility back to this oh-so foggy hamlet.

A week ago, liberals were stoked after someone actually redesigned a pro-life billboard along Cortland Avenue, essentially revamping its political message. You can see the before and after here. The billboard was replaced again, with the original anti-abortion message, only to be defaced once again.

Today, Bernalwood gave us a quick update on the latest billboard brouhaha, which includes this proposed alternative image created by some thoughtful neighborhood dads, perhaps for their first group project in Intro to Photoshop class?

Courtesy of the badass Bernalwoodpress
What the #@$%
We weren't quite sure what message we're supposed to take away from these manbabies. What we can safely conclude is that this is a nonpartisan message.

But if you thought those men were smoking something, have a look at this latest alternative, which was just submitted to Bernalwood.

Courtesy of the badass Bernalwoodpress

Looks like the work of a bunch of hungry liberals.

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