Innocence of Muslims Stars Amina Noir, Local Fetish Model

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Amina Noir
A second-rate porn flick has better production qualities than The Innocence of Muslims, the amateur anti-Islam film whose trailer has sparked anti-American protests across the Middle East. The New Yorker, which called the 13-minute synopsis/trailer a "viral video gone wrong," accurately noted that "the people taking umbrage at 'The Innocence of Muslims' are giving it more respect than it deserves."

It's one of the unfortunate drawbacks that collides with the otherwise astounding benefits of the Internet age: Any bigoted dumbass can spark a foreign-relations crisis by posting his bigoted dumbass shit on YouTube.

And as Dennis Romero at our sister paper LA Weekly wrote today, "it was only a matter of time before some of the D-list actors in the almost comical Innocence of Muslims were outed as porn stars and adult models."

One of those adult performers was Oakland's very own fetish model Amina Noir.

In 2009, Noir, whose Twitter page notes that she is a "Playboy TV model, chef, and actress," performed in the San Francisco art event "Art of Restraint," which the Chronicle described as "an evening of erotic decadence inclusive to the queer and kink community, where the walls between artist and audience are nonexistent and preconceived ideas about bondage -- and art -- are deconstructed, and people have unrestrained (ahem) fun."

In Innocence of Muslims, Noir seems to play the wife of a doctor (according to the doctor, "man plus X equals Islamic terrorist"). Many, many Muslims found the film trailer offensive, of course, as it depicted the prophet Muhammad as a child-molester, woman-beater, drunkard, and possible homosexual.

As LA Weekly suggested, though, the participants may not have known what the movie was about. This theory seems all the more likely once you hear how often the particularly offensive phrases were obviously dubbed in during post-production.

From what one of the actors, a muscular gay porn star named Tim Dax, told blogger Joe.My.God., the producers deceived the performers. Dax says:

I auditioned for a movie called Desert Storm that was about ancient warriors. My character was called Sampson on the paper with a few lines I got each day upon arriving on set. We never saw a full script or any lines after the day we shot them.
Many questions were asked regarding absurdity of lines and situations. Sam the producer who I believed to be, but not certain [w]as Egyptian. His reply would always to work with what we were given as he wrote the script. The clip that I saw part of today for the first time is questionable as to being my voice. The voiceover work is dubious at best...
Can't tell you anymore than that other than I'm am very much NOT anti-Muslim. one world one love. Tim.

Sadly, Amina Noir was not the only Bay Area connection to the video. On Sept. 11, during protests outside the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya, Ambassador and Oakland native J. Christopher Stevens was killed, alongside three other American staffers. Initially, most assumed the rocket and mortar fire was tied directly to anger over the video. In the days since, however, American officials have suggested that the actions had been planned, perhaps in relation to the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks -- not simply an extension of the spontaneous demonstrations throughout the region.

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I'm tired of hearing the media pretend they don't know what is going on here...maybe you don't know this but dates are EVERYTHING in the Muslim world. There are no 'accidents' in their plans. They carefully picked 9/11 as a day to take 'revenge' against the US for killing one of their important terrorists leaders. The hard line Islamist groups that are really in control over there then 'swooped' up the pawn populace during Friday prayers to provide some cover and confusion and the US gov't and media has fallen for this thinly veiled bulls**t and regurgitate it through the news. Worst of all they MUST know they are lying to the American Sheeples. Can you tell I'm angry about this? WE all should be, The people we gave 2 BILLION $$ to last year had the body of our GOOD WILL ambassador (who genuinely dedicated his life to and loved Libya) paraded around the streets for 16+ hours (its hard to even find a story that admits the body was 'missing') and the media doesn't want to talk about it because they are, bottom line, afraid to make the OBAMA ADMIN. look bad!!! The media has HIT A NEW LOW HERE and I AM mad...and upset...and disappointed.


What seems to be lost in the mix that the rioting Muslims are backwards idiots.  The production values and whatnot isn't really much of a point, manchildren are rioting because they are offended stunted losers.


The hand wringing over the quality and subject matter is just ridiculous.


@SFWeekly i hope people dont confuse terrorism and innocent people..

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