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SF's newest artists
If your grandma or grandpa ever stuck one of those crayon sketches you did on their fridge to make you feel like you actually were good, now it's your turn to return that love.

Starting Oct. 3, you can see what our city's elders have been drawing and painting at this really adorable City Hall exhibit.

A black-and-white snapshot of the artists and a little blurb about their background will accompany each piece.

The San Francisco Arts Commission Galleries Art at City Hall will launch the 21st Annual Art With Elders (AWE) exhibition to showcase drawings and paintings made by seniors in AWE programs.

Eldergivers, a nonprofit that works to connect the elderly to the younger generations through creative endeavors, couldn't be more pumped for this elderly exposition.

Brent Nettle, Eldergivers' executive director, expressed how important these endeavors are to keep the elderly feeling alive. They maintain "the curiosity, wonder, and unselfconscious urge to explore and to create," Nettle said.

Eldergivers will also introduce Look Again, a book it published containing works created by some of the artists from the exhibit.

"The book, coupled with the show, is a testament to the breadth of not only Eldergivers' impact on the community, but also of the deep reservoir of talent that exists within the Bay Area senior community," a written statement from the SF Arts Commission said.

AWE employs 18 professional artists to teach painting to 375 residents of 32 Bay Area nursing home facilities

The exhibition will open on Wednesday, Oct. 3, and will be up through Jan. 4, 2013. An opening reception will be held from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

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