9/11: Americans Use Twitter to Remind Everyone Terrorism Attack Was an Inside Job

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Are you shocked that, 11 years later, people are still ranting about how 9/11 was an "inside job?" To make matters worse, the evolution of technology over the last decade has made it so that now you can't get away from stupidity -- it's all over the Internet.

Just look no further than the stunning number of folks tweeting through the night about how the government systemically killed thousands of Americans on Sept. 11, 2001. After reading through Twitter, we had to at some point just stop, and share with you some our favorite dumbest "Inside Job" tweets. Enjoy!

inside job 34.png
inside job 5.png
inside job 33.png
inside job 37.png
inside job 36.png
inside job 38.png
inside job 39.jpg

And then we had to throw in this one, just to be fair and balanced:

inside job 40.jpg

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red.marcy.rand topcommenter

The only important thing is that 9-11 was the chickens coming home to roost after the US's Israel First foreign policy for well over half a century.

Ergo the US Ambassador to Libya who helped install the barbarians who disemboweled Khaddafi.

His just deserts.


Hey Seán O'Sullivan,


I hope everyone did unfollow you because you are an uneducated, uninformed, and uninterested in the truth douche bag. 9/11 was clearly an inside job and the evidence supports it. How else would military grade nano thermate be present in the dust, and two steel framed buildings collapse in on their own footprint after only an hour of isolated pockets of fire? Hmmm I wonder. People like you make me sick. You dumbass sheeple.





Hey Brad Rehak,


When people open their mouth and say what they know, they end up dead. That's why your dumbass twitter statement doesn't mean jack shit. Barry Jennings opened his mouth about what he saw as he tried to get out of building 7, and look what happened to him...my point exactly. Not to mention all of the JFK witnesses that kept being found dead in the 60's. It's obvious that when you talk, they come after you. So maybe next time you should think before you speak. Jackass.



9/11 was an inside job.




9 11 Mysteries full length:






> Erin Sherbert is displaying that she's a tribal (ethnocentric), 'Sayanim'-shill

& a fawning pawn of the Masonic-Kabal elites, their pseudo-intelligence services

(ie. Mossad--Cia/NSA--British MI5/6, etc.)  and their professional lackeys

(corrupt banksters & money launderers, international drug smugglers & organ traffickers,

military contractors/ profiteers/ mercenaries, surveillance/fake-security/psyops hucksters,

and 'operation mockingbird' (non-journalist) mouthpieces, so blatantly demonstrated by 

Ms. (aspartame) Sherbert.

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