49ers Fan Heckles Charger Fans Who Happen to Be Cops

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Hecklers beware.
Here's a cautionary tale for all prospective sports agitators.

One allegedly drunken San Francisco 49ers fan must have felt a surge of football-fueled hostility as he saw the group of San Diego Chargers fans stroll by in the Candlestick Park parking lot before Thursday evening's preseason contest.

"San Diego bums!" he shouted at them, though the megaphone he was holding.

And then he reportedly "used amplified, colorful language to advise them that they need to learn how to heckle back," according to the SFPD.

Turns out, those Charger fans were undercover police officers.

The man was cursing around kids and appeared to be instigating a fight, according to SFPD, so the policemen identified themselves. But the man retreated, police said, not complying with the officers' demands.

"Once cornered, the suspect took a fighting stance with one of the officers and was quickly subdued and placed under arrest," police said.

This undercover strategy already got some media attention in June, when the department announced that officers would be sporting Dodgers gear during the NL West rivals' three-game series at AT&T Park.

And after the violence that erupted during last year's Raiders-Niners pre-season match-up at Candlestick, it's not really that surprising the cops maintained a stealth presence at the stadium.

Apparently, the strategy is not reserved for only the highest-tension contests -- yet here it was, at a pre-season game against a non-rival team with famously a benign fan base.

Still, the heckler was charged with disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, and public drunkenness. He was booked in county jail. The night wasn't all bad for him, though -- the 49ers won 35-3.

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This entire story has been misconstrued. The degree to which David was "heckling" the "fans" was no different than your typical back-and-forth banter between rival teams; NOTHING that warrants the brutality these undercover cops unleashed on David. If everything they did was deserved, why would they ask the girl to delete the movie? This is another ridiculous example of police abusing their power that shouldn't go unnoticed and unresolved.


According to witnesses that were at the game this is completely untrue. David did make a comment against the other team but the rest is made up. David never resisted arrest. One cop pinned his arms behind his back while another head butted him. A video was recorded by a spectator who wasn't in David's party and the cops told her she had to delete it. There are witnesses who will be speaking on his behalf and the girl with the video is trying to be gotten ahold of to speak as well. 

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