SFPD Cancels Scheduled Sobriety Checkpoints, Instead Will Focus on North Beach Drunks

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Don't drive if you can't read this sign
San Francisco police will be out in force this weekend, just not in the places you were expecting to see them.

Sgt. Michael Andraychak tells us that there's been a little change of plans for the 17-day crackdown on drunks on the roads. Instead of sobriety checkpoints on the south side of town, cops will hold DUI checkpoints in the Broadway corridor in conjunction with the 49ers game this weekend.

Increased police presence also has an effect in reducing crime in the area," he said.

So here's the new plan:

There will now be four checkpoints and two saturation patrols on the Broadway corridor starting this weekend:

  • There will be a DUI checkpoint on Saturday night at Broadway and Battery street;

  • Another is scheduled at Third Street near Jennings on Thursday, Aug. 30;

  • On Friday, Aug. 31, a DUI checkpoint will be held at The Embarcadero and Broadway;

  • On Sept. 2, expect another sobriety checkpoint at The Embarcadero and Broadway.

"I hope that our bridge-and-tunnel visitors who frequent North Beach take notice and behave like the ladies and gentlemen their parents think they are," Captain Denis O'Leary said, with tongue firmly in cheek. 

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Victoria Savage
Victoria Savage

I hate North Beach anyway. I always stay away from there period!


@shaketini Easy to catch people out there since there's no good public transit to that area. Also, the Marina. @SFWeekly


@thedapperdiner Also, good for busting people who do not live here. @SFWeekly

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