Scab Janitors Sought on Craigslist

Denizens of the Financial District may have seen -- or, more likely, heard -- recent demonstrations by unionized janitors, who have threatened to strike if negotiations with the city, Macy's, and the Westfield mall aren't resolved by today.

Buildings don't clean themselves, however, and ads for scab janitors have popped up on Craigslist. The employers do not list their identity or the location of their buildings -- and SF Weekly's e-mail has not yet been returned. But you can't accuse mystery management of hiding the rationale behind the hiring binge: "The work involves replacing our current work force at commercial office building (sic) throughout downtown San Francisco due to a possible labor dispute with the SEIU-Service Employees International Union." 

Those in search of $18.65 an hour and without compunctions about pushing the workin' man down an elevator shaft can write here.

The ad follows:

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Scabs are honorable workers trying to provide for their families. Scabs >>> Union thugs.


A SCAB IS A SCAB IS A SCAB. There is no hate speech in any manner. Now if i said fagot, gay dick sucking take in the arse homo, that would be hate speeh even though it would infringe on my freedom of speech. Is it hate to call Neo-Nazi's scumbags too? As for the janitors, if you feel you are only worth 18 some dollars an hour have at it. If i had to pick up trash, clean toilets and basically clean after some of the pigs that use those office every day i would say 40 dollars an hour would be about right. Consider that i will be exposed to viruses on a daily basis and i think maybe 50 is right and all medical benifits covered/

guerro 1 Like

Memo to janitors: Your job is easily done by others, your union works for it's own benefit, not yours.  "Scabs" is a derogatory term for those seeking to feed their families.  "Scab" equals hate speech.

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