San Francisco Has More Liars Than Oakland

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A tyipcal San Francisco resident
If anyone in San Francisco tells you that Oakland sucks, obviously they're lying.

Honestly, we were kinda surprised to read in our sister blog today, the Exhibitionist, that folks in San Francisco tend to stretch the truth far more than their counterparts across the bay in Oakland.

Honest Tea ran this unscientific experiment where, in 30 cities across the nation, the company set-up unmanned stands stocked with bottles, teas, and jars asking for people to donate $1 for every bottle they took. The payment was based on the honor system, but what the consumers didn't know is that a hidden camera was keeping record of how many bottles they took and how many they actually paid for.

Oakland came in second place, while San Francisco had one too many fibbers, putting the city in in fourth place, according to the National Honesty Index.

Now for the burning question: What kind of people tended to lie?

Bald liar
  • Baseball fans were more likely to steal if they were wearing a hat;

  • Women in San Francisco's Financial District were more honest than men;

  • Redheads were more honest than blondes and brunettes;

  • Motorcyclists were 92 percent honest while comic book fans were 86 percent honest;

  • People with beards were more honest than bald people.

The results, however, did not conclude who was more likely to lie: anarchists, or Oakland Mayor Jean Quan.

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