Ross Mirkarimi Supporters to Rally at Noon

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Sheriff-in-limbo Ross Mirkarimi probably didn't get much sleep last night, as today the Ethics Commission will make a recommendation on whether or not the embattled pol should remain our county sheriff or get booted from office, effectively ending his political career in San Francisco.

The last leg of the Ethics Hearing is in session this morning, and the commission is expected to make a recommendation about his future. Mayor Ed Lee reportedly remains unwavering in his position that Mirkarimi, who, earlier this year, pleaded guilty to false imprisonment connected to a domestic dispute with his wife, has no business being the county's top cop.

But for every critic, there's a supporter of Mirkarimi, including San Francisco's inmates -- and you will find some of those folks rallying outside City Hall at noon, demanding the mayor and the Ethics Commission leave Mirkarimi alone once and for all.

Lee suspended Mirkarimi without pay in March after his conviction. The mayor asked Mirkarimi to resign, but he refused, and that's how we got here today. Lee turned to the Ethics Commission, arguing that the sheriff should be removed from his position because of his bad behavior.

Mirkarimi has openly admitted -- and apologized -- for bruising his wife's arm as the two argued on New Year's Eve. The heated argument became the couple's worst nightmare when it hit the news that Mirkarimi had committed domestic violence. Initially, he was charged with battery, endangering a child, and false imprisonment, but later took a plea deal and was convicted of misdemeanor false imprisonment.

After the Ethics Commission makes its recommendation, it will go to the Board of Supervisors for a vote.

Stay tuned.


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@SFWeekly can't wait to see how this all turns out.

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