Ross Mirkarimi: New Poll Shows S.F. Doesn't Want Him as Sheriff Anymore

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Ross Mirkarimi has consistently said that the forces against him are undermining the will of the people, specifically the people who voted him into office in November.

But now it's those very people who seem to think he's undermining them. According to a new poll, roughly 61 percent of registered voters said that yes, Mirkarimi should be removed from his post as sheriff -- permanently. Only 31 percent (county jail inmatesThey can vote) said no, and the rest (8 percent) still weren't sure.

You might not be surprised by those results after reading that the poll was commissioned by by a coalition of women who have been active in San Francisco for years in advocating for victims of domestic violence, according to the Chron.

The poll came just in time: The Board of Supervisors is set to deliberate whether Mirkarimi should be fired from his post as sheriff. As of now, Mirkarimi is suspended without pay after he pleaded guilty to false imprisonment connected to a domestic dispute with his wife, Eliana Lopez.

Mayor Ed Lee has tried to force Mirkarimi out of office after he refused to resign; last week, the San Francisco Ethics Commission ruled that the sheriff-in-limbo was indeed guilty of official misconduct; however, the group was unable to reach a consensus on its recommendation to the Board of Supervisors.

Just yesterday, Mirkarimi was tooting his own horn again, telling NBC's Raj Mathai that, despite the misdemeanor conviction, he remains totally qualified to be the county sheriff. In fact, all this drama -- the bruise, the arrest, the domestic violence charges, the restraining order -- makes him that much more capable, Mirkarimi says.

In his own words:
I think the right example is by showing one can turn their lives around and still be able to be that elected official. It does not disqualify from me being sheriff. That's why I took the plea, to put the matter behind us ... so I could regroup and reunite with my family, so I could regroup with the people of San Francisco. We talk a good game about restorative justice. We talk a good game about rehab. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd become an example of this in this respect. I think it's time that there is leadership that shows and delivers on what rehabilitation means.

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You're kidding, right? This poll arrived "just in time?" Oh, and can we have the questions, as responsible journalists always include? And might you mention who paid for it -- and their agenda? Because the Chron was good enough to include that in their story, which appears to be the basis for your story. And it showed that the poll was paid for by supporters of Chris Cunnie who lost the sheriff's election to Ross Mirkarimi.

You don't have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows at the Weekly.

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