RNC 2012: The Seven Craziest GOP Souvenirs at the Republican National Convention

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Photo by Victor Gonzalez
Our sister paper, the Miami New Times, descended on the Republican National Convention this week to see what things the country's right-wingers were doing and wearing. And thank God they did because now we can regale you with a slideshow of Tampa's finest moments.

Tampa's rich with GOP swag this week as thousands of Republicans gather to show off their favorite Mitt Romney mementos and Paul Ryan tchotchkes.

Seemingly everyone on the convention floor not representing a news agency or branch of law enforcement is rocking some piece of GOP-centric clothing or accessory. Much like the knick-knacks you might find at a roadside souvenir stand in Central Florida, a lot of the elephant party's gear is cheaply designed and remarkably unflattering.

But so what? Tacky is Florida middle name. Check out some of the GOP swag we spotted in Tampa on the first full day of the RNC.

Photo by Victor Gonzalez
It's not a butt hole tattoo, but it'll do. And somewhere at the RNC, Geraldo Rivera's shaking his head; he's not fond of tattooed ladies.

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