Reddit Island: This Is What That Nerd Enclave Would Look Like

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Reddit Island sounds like a tech nerd's wet dream: a self-made civilization that requires nothing to live except super-high-speed Internet and tons of weed.

But in the unlikely event that Redditors actually get their shit together to take refuge on this island where nobody will have to pay taxes (aka a hermetic playhouse), Next Media Animation gave us an idea of what this weird society might look like. The Taiwanese company released this probably very accurate video that shows just how stupid this idea is.

  Of course, as Larry Ellison can attest, an island is expensive. Some of the 4,000-plus reddit users have pledged to kick in some cash for the island, however recent estimates show they've got no more than $260,000 in "verbal pledges" and, as experts told Gawker, that won't buy them a shitty piece of lava.

But that's not stopping this "men's right's activist community" from dreaming of this techopia.  

"I think the biggest lure is just the chance to form a real community," said 'Arthur,' a 43-year-old Redditor from Ohio who has been following the Reddit Island discussion for six months and who plans to settle Reddit Island with his young son. "An actual community where people are interested in each other's well-being and not lawsuits, and not whether Chick-fil-A supports blah blah blah blah."

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