Watch This Hilarious Olympic Tax-Dodger Dash

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Just like not-so-good folks in corporate America manipulated the California tax code to give rich people a boost, the good folks at Portal A manipulated technology help us understand just how bad things are for us and how great things are for the 1 percent.

Riffing off all things current -- the Olympics, corporate greed, elections  -- Portal A rolled out this political parody that goes hand-in-hand with Proposition 39, the ballot measure that asks voters to close the tax loophole that lets out-of-state corporations pay lower taxes to the Golden State. This loophole, Prop. 39 proponents say, is costing broke-assed California millions of dollars and jobs.

Take a second out from paying bills and watch this:

In a report released today, "The Tax Dodger Hypocrisy," companies were exposed for lobbying in their home states to close the very same corporate tax loophole that they are fighting to keep in place California, according to Chris Lehane, spokesman for Yes on Prop. 39.

"Chrysler, GM, Kimberly-Clark, and International Paper are all deserving of a gold medal when it comes to Olympic-sized hypocrisy, as they were for closing the loophole on out-of-state companies before they were against it," Lehane says. "Even if this hypocrisy contest was being scored by the Russian gymnastic judges, there is no getting around the fact that these four companies want a level playing field in their home states, but oppose it when it is good for California jobs and California public schools."

In other words, the only losers in this race are you and me.

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Lets SAVE California, by paying our fair share and by boycotting companies and corporations that refuse to pay California State Taxes.


The triple factor (sales, payroll, and property) makes a lot more sense. Congress should just force all states to use the triple factor and and this nonsense.

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