Paul Ryan Has "Klout" with Cloth Diapers, Pokemon, and White People

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Knows a lot about cloth diapers
After Mitt Romney announced that Congressman Paul Ryan would be his Republican running mate, politically minded Americans spent the weekend Googling his name to find out who the hell this guy was -- and how smooth his chest is.

It's nice to know an American politician takes such pride in maintaining minimal body fat, but not information we need at the polls. What's even less interesting than his chest hair, is the level of "clout" Ryan has as it relates to the social networking world. However if you are looking for a good chuckle, look no further than the man's Klout page, generated by the San Francisco-based social media analytics site.

A quick scan will show that Ryan is actually a well-rounded guy who seems to have great authority on several inane and gross topics, some related to politics (white people and Adolf Hitler), and others not so much (cloth diapers, SEO, and tetanus).

For whatever reason, Klout users have given Ryan high scores in the following topics:

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