S.F. Meat Lover Makes Obama, Romney Portraits Entirely Out of Beef Jerky

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Meat Obama
For some reason, food has been dragged into the political debate like none other this election cycle. First it was chicken sandwiches, then wedding cake. Now beef jerky is trying to influence our vote.

Admittedly, we get some off-the-wall press releases, but this one we found in our inbox this morning, came with two portraits of the presidential candidates made completely out of beef jerky. They win.

You might assume this creation, which, incidentally does make Romney look more savory, hails from some small meat farm in Texas. But no. The artist, Jason Mecier, made these beefy mosaics right here in San Francisco.
Meat Romney-vertical_detail-1.jpg
Meat Romney

Mecier partnered with Jack Link's Beef Jerky, based in Wisconsin, to design the portraits using thousands of strips of the dried beef. Beef = power.

Just so you know, this was no easy task. It took approximately 50 hours and 50 bags of Jack Link's jerky to create these 2-by-3 portraits. And believe it or not, each flavor also served as a color on the palette -- Turkey Jerky, Sweet & Hot, and Smokehouse helped bring these candidates to life.

"We think this is one election that Jack Link's jerky fans, regardless of their political affiliation, can really sink their teeth into," said Jeff LeFever, spokesman for the company.

So, beef jerky fans, which "meathead" would you vote for?

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@DebGuadan @thesnitchsf Hope all ok. Am trying this for the 1st time! Landy

My Vegan Journal
My Vegan Journal

They sure ARE Jerks! A painting full of scabs is disgusting. Leave the animals alone


My vote is still for President Obama because Mitt Romney is the jerky of the decade.

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