Mixed Up Minivan Meanders Down Market Street

Welcome to California

Despite all its beauty, San Francisco brings out the absolute worst in us when it comes to sharing the road. As proven by Friday's unfortunate Muni sandwich, transportation in a dense city like S.F. always makes for an interesting news story.

Which is why we couldn't help ourselves when we saw photos of this driver on Market Street, which clearly illustrated his (or her) remedial driving skills.

Also, here's reason no. 2,576 we don't like minivans.

First, the driver moseyed on through a red light at Jones and Market, only to stop in the middle of the intersection as the light turned green.

Then, despite the clearly marked "Right Turn Only" sign, the addled driver decided to turn left, living wildly and dangerously as a trolley in the transit lane.

Take a look:

Courtesy of SFCitizen

After realizing that the minivan was not a trolley, the driver decided to do something even dumber, and blew through a crosswalk at Sixth Street -- on a red.

Courtesy of SFCitizen

Amused? Yes. Surprised? No.

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