Mysterious Pole Gardener Sprouts in the Richmond District

The last time we told you about a decorated pole in the Richmond District, we were referring to the mobile strippers who definitely injected new life into the neighborhood.

But we're guessing Supervisor Eric Mar will be a little less offended by the latest crop of vibrant bushes spotted along Clement Street as of late.  We caught sight of the work of the covert "pole gardener" on RichmondSFBlog, which posted these photos of the botanical brouhaha.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

According to the neighborhood blog, the mysterious planter insists on remaining anonymous until they can be sure the MTA and Supervisor Mar won't come after them. Until the government strips the Richmond of this beauty, neighbors declare they will enjoy every damn minute of this luscious landscape (at least the minutes they paid for).

Comments, per the RicgmondSFBlog:

mystery planter.png

In any event, we're glad to see someone trying to make parking in San Francisco a little more bearable for us all.

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Love it, instead of spreading hate and prejudice, someone is sharing beauty, art and nature. Every generation has givers and takers,  the givers are blessed while the takers just vanish.

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