Muni's "Defeat Jihad" Ad Gets Makeover, Guerrilla-Style (Updated)

Since Muni is refusing to take down the controversial pro-Israel ad on its buses, offended passengers have taken this matter into their own hands.

Take a look at this photo that's been making the rounds on Facebook:

via Facebook
Is this the work of a "savage?"
We haven't been able to track down the originator of this guerrilla art, nor have we been able to get a comment from Muni to see how officials there feel about the latest crop of free speech. But what we can tell you is that people are loving the new look.

jihad poster1.png

jihad poster 3.png

jihad poster2.png

Update (9 a.m.): Muni Spokesman Paul Rose says he's seen this photo online, and is currently conducting "research" to find out if it's "real" or Photoshop.

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rmajora topcommenter

SF is breaking new ground in political discourse: "hate speech" is now defined as speech you don't like. Still waiting to learn why opposing violent jihad is hate speech.

Mohammad Alyousef
Mohammad Alyousef

Haha .. thats the first thing i thought of when u guys posted about this add 3 days ago .. they need more support than the tax mony thay get from the US every day ..and btw ,why did u guys took that post off ? Was that because of my comments and videos that shows the truth and shows who is the real savage... or did u guys get paid since ur saying money talks here ?


 @rmajora It is the fact that the practice of a foreign group of people is being referred to as "savaged," but if you said that in context of many other religions it would be inappropriate. While this is a land of freedom do we want to also be known as a land of prejudice and hate? What happened to love and acceptance of everyone?


You rmajora are ignorant. This is coming from a Jewish person who does not agree with the conflict or either sides, but still respects the culture of each side and wishes that they could as well get over themselves and develop acceptance and respect through out the culture for the other culture so they can co-exist.

rmajora topcommenter


 There's no mention of religion in the statement. It singles out jihadists as "savages," which is true when you consider that violent jihadists are homicidal and suicidal, and most of their victims are innocent civilians. Even if you assume---as I do---that violent jihadists are a small minority in the Moslem faith, their tactics can be accurately called "savage."

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