Mitt Romney: How Much Money Did He Earn While You Ate Breakfast?

A rich statement
There's a reason voters believe Obama would make a better sugar daddy -- Mitt Romney is not as charitable with his cash. Not even if it means getting a lap dance from porn stars like Jenna Jameson.

But just how many Benjamins is Romney rolling in these days? And how much did Romney earn in the time it took you to brush your teeth this morning?

If you've seen enough of Paul Ryan's chest or perhaps you are looking for new ways to waste more time, then you should check out There, you can calculate how much the disgustingly rich Republican earns in the time it takes you to do everyday activities, like take a piss on BART escalators, surf the Internet, or refill your prescription for anti-depressants.

The site also gives a full analysis of Romney's wealth, including its weight. And if that isn't entertaining enough, you can calculate how many years it would take you to earn what Romney makes in a year. For the decently paid journalist, that'd be well over five centuries.

Here are some good highlights:

Rom john.png
Rom - ppl.png
Romney - HP.png

Romney earned more than $6,000 in the time it took us to write this story. Sigh.

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Brett Roberts
Brett Roberts

Ok and this is suppose to change my mind how? People this is how a capitalist market is SUPPOSE to work

Alex Hensley
Alex Hensley

Dont vote for him because he makes money?

Kevin Kirby
Kevin Kirby

He makes money and I can't get my mail delivered.

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