Gays Protest Fried Chicken, Now Cake

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Fried chicken and wedding cake doesn't sound quite as offensive as Chinese food and donuts -- but it is.

Over the weekend the LGBT community in Denver, Colo., decided to protest cake -- specifically, wedding cake at a bakery in the suburb of Lakewood, after the owners refused to make a rainbow cake for a gay couple.

David Mullins, 28, and 31-year-old Charlie Craig say they were shocked when they arrived at the cake shop for some yummy cake-tasting and were abruptly turned away by the owner Jack Phillips, who says he likes gays but can't stand gay marriage.

The couple immediately turned to Facebook to detail their experience at Masterpiece Cakeshop, which prompted more than 1,000 angry messages to the bakery owner and a raucous protest outside the cakery over the weekend.

Some 4,125 -- and counting -- have joined this campaign, attracting supporters all the way in California. The petition, which asks everyone to boycott the cake shop, was started by 19-year-old Macklin MacKenzie, who says not making the rainbow cake is just a slap in the face to all gays. "I am not sure how the cakes taste, but I know bigotry and hate tastes disgusting," MacKenzie explained.

A large group rallied outside the bakery on Saturday, where they delivered more than 4,000 signatures asking the owner to reconsider his decision. They held signs that read "Let them eat cake." Sadly, the cake owner didn't flinch; as the HuffPo reported, Phillips says he'd rather close his business than make a gay cake.

"If it came to that point, we would close down the bakery before we would compromise our beliefs, so that may be what it comes to," Phillips said. "We'll see."

If you'd like to see this bakery 1. Make the damn rainbow cake or 2. Close the damn shop, then feel free to sign this petition.

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The bullied become bullies. The new gay inquisition to convert through fear and intimidation.

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