Local Bird Refuses to Quit Smoking

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So you think you've seen it all in San Francisco, but you really haven't seen anything until you've witnessed a local bird smoke a cigarette.

As you can see here, that nicotine patch isn't helping this local blue scrub jay kick his tobacco habit. A Bernal Heights neighbor snapped this photo shortly after the bird flew on his deck, "beaked up a cigarette" from the ashtray and flew to the rail to chillax while he had a smoke.

Courtesy of the Badass Bernalwood Press
Voted against Proposition 29

We can't really blame him. Where else is a bird to go in this city to have a smoke without Supervisor Eric Mar on his ass?

H/T: Bernalwood

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mrericsir topcommenter

Uh oh, it looks like he may be less than 15 feet from a door or window.


I think that's actually a scrub-jay, which is different from a blue jay. I only know this because those things love to attack me every time I go to Big Sur. They are also the loudest, most obnoxious birds I know of.

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