Marin Fugitive Jumps Off Bridge, Then Foolishly Swims Toward San Quentin Prison

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Criminals will do the darndest things. And when we say darndest, we mean stupidest. On Sunday, alleged police evader Kathryn Tynes reportedly jumped off the San Rafael Bridge in a futile attempt to dodge police.

According to news reports, the 30-year-old Novato woman was treading in freezing water for nearly two hours Sunday morning before police finally caught up to her. The drama started about 2 a.m. on Sunday when cops spotted her weaving while driving her Ford Focus on southbound Highway 101 near the Central San Rafael exit.

Officers tried to pull her over, and although Tynes initially yielded at a red light at Bellam Boulevard, she had a change of heart and sped off eastbound on Interstate 580 toward the bridge, according to press reports.

And so a car chase began.

The CHP officer took off after Tynes at top speed, and just before reaching the bridge's incline section, she reportedly pulled over, hopped out of the car, and sprinted to the south side of the bridge.

And then she jumped 20 feet into the water.

Now for our favorite part of this story. Rather than attempt to swim to freedom, Tynes reportedly began paddling toward San Quentin State Prison, CHP Sgt. Marcus Bartholomew said. Naturally, staff over at the prison were called in to help with the early morning woman hunt.

Just before 4 a.m., a helicopter spotted Tynes in the water between Marin Country Day School in Corte Madera and Paradise Cay. An officer was lowered down, where she was arrested on suspicion of resiting arrest and evading police.

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