Jenna Jameson, Queen of Porn, Endorses Mitt Romney, Incites Political Discourse

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Surprisingly conservative!
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney managed to -- literally -- sex up his campaign without even trying.

It turns out that the Queen of Porn, Jenna Jameson, proudly admitted to a San Francisco reporter that she is definitely voting for Romney come election day. The Los Angeles-based porn star came out as a Romney fan when she visited San Francisco's Gold Club last week to celebrate its eighth anniversary. There, a CBS reporter scored an exclusive interview with Jameson, during which she gave her surprise endorsement.

Jameson, who is one of the most famous adult entertainers in America, gave only one reason why Romney was her choice: money.
We're talking about the kind money that leads donors to a G-string.

"I'm very looking forward to a Republican being back in office," Jameson said while reportedly sipping champagne in a VIP room. "When you're rich, you want a Republican in office."

We don't know if this interesting news has made its way back to the Romney campaign, nor do we know if he'd be willing to accept lap dances as an "in-kind donation." What we can definitely conclude is that this endorsement has injected new energy in the presidential debate.

Here are some of our favorite comments that came from politically minded readers:

Jenna Jameson supporting Mitt Romney - POLITICO.com_1344298372443.png

Jenna Jameson supporting Mitt Romney - POLITICO.com_1344298406221.png

Jenna Jameson supporting Mitt Romney - POLITICO.com_1344298748059.png

Jenna Jameson supporting Mitt Romney - POLITICO.com_1344298808512.png

Now if Jameson really wants Romney to win, she'd offer to host a campaign fundraising party on his behalf -- one that includes porn stars and strippers.

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so, Jenna doesn't do blacks in elections either.  i hear she got her start sucking on her own trailer hitch.


Joseph Smith & "Bring um Young" had lots of wives & concubines.


Hush, hush!


We don't drink coffee etc, but we fcuk like rabbits!


Signed Jo Smith


It's funny because democrats have such a strong base of informed stars endorsing politicians?


Who does the star of Fast Times at Ridgemont High endorse?



Rachel Davis
Rachel Davis

Awww that sucks, but nobody said she was intelligent.


Boy !.. She really is a c0ck sucker !  Too many blows to the 'brain pan' '

via oral sex ?


Obama has Bill Nye, Romney has Jenna Jameson. Nye: "very concerned about the future of science in America" as reason for voting for Obama. Jameson: "When you're rich you have to vote Republican."




Disgusting, what her career choice has to do with anything?


Like many pro democrat actors and TV personalities, she is a performer in a legal enterprise.



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