Facebook's Oldest User Is 101 Years Old

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Florence Detlor was just a year old when the Titanic sank; a year later the first crossword puzzle was invented, and two years after that, the first long-distance phone call was placed in the United States.

Needless to say, Detlor has no trouble adapting to fast-changing technologies.

The 101-year-old Bay Area woman has been declared the oldest Facebook user on the social networking site. The quick-witted centenarian signed up for Facebook two years ago, after taking a class at a community center near her home in Menlo Park.

According to media reports, she's amassed more than 1,000 "friends," although she's quick to unfriend you if you start stuffing her newsfeed with too much talk about politics. "In fact anyone who seems otherwise, we get rid of," Detlor told CBS News.

But most of her Facebook activity is amicable; she sends birthday wishes to friends, and leaves "good night to you all" posts on her wall.


According to her Timeline, she was born in 1911, finished high school in 1928, and graduated from Occidental College in 1932. Her "about" page simply states: "looking for a good book to read."

If you were hoping to become her next Facebook friend, go ahead and send her a request, and if she accepts, don't even think about posting your latest diatribe about the Republican Convention.

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