Attorney General Warns of Scams as Immigrant Youth Apply for Deportation Relief

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As undocumented youngsters across America line up today to try to legally avoid deportation, state officials warm them to watch out for potential scams that could put their applications to remain in the United States in jeopardy.

California Attorney General released a vague warning today, saying often times immigrants fall victim to consumer scams, especially as they look to lawyers and other experts to guide them through the new federal program that will grant many of them amnesty for two years.

The program, also known as the Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, was an executive order signed by President Barack Obama in June, and states that immigrants who were brought to the U.States as a child, and who were students or served in the military, can remain here for two years -- and work -- without fear of being deported. More than 1.7 million undocumented youth are expected to apply for the program.

While the Attorney General has not yet received any complaints about scams, the AG has passed along some tips on how to ensure you won't get screwed in the process:

  • Is the person offering legal services a lawyer licensed by the State Bar of California? You can check out an attorney online at or by calling 800-843-9053.

  • If you cannot afford a private attorney, the Board of Immigration Appeals provides a list of attorneys who provide immigration services either for free or for very little cost. This list is available online at can also contact your local legal aid office. For a referral, visit and click on the Find Legal Assistance tab.

  • Immigration consultants are required to register with the California Secretary of State's Office, and to post a $50,000 bond. You can check out an Immigration Consultant online at

  • It is against the law for an immigration consultant to give legal advice. An immigration consultant can only give you non-legal help, such as translating your answers to questions on U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services forms.

  • Get a written contract signed and dated by the immigration consultant. Make sure the contract lists the full name and contact information for the immigration consultant, the services you were promised and how much you have agreed to pay. The contract must be written in both English and your language. You have the right to cancel the contract within 72 hours of signing the contract. You must cancel the contract in writing. Give only copies of original documents to the immigration consultant; keep your originals in a safe place.

If you do run into some troubles, you can file a complaint here.

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Just what we need, another 1.7 million people with work permits.Nice way to reward lawbreakers and punish citizens.



Turn the tide of an unceasing Socialist experiment played by the Democrats and Liberals, with an incredulous plan that Obama is sure to enact if has a new coronation next year. The Tea Party no longer has the luxury of merely trying to win, it is now “do or die” for our nation. The struggle is between a socialist schedule and the endurance of the Free-Enterprise Republic. Decide now to join us in our fight…or be predestined to live in a country that is shackled by socialism. I’m afraid under Obama’s agenda there is no middle ground.  To be perfectly clear, if the Tea Party falters now…if we lay back or slack off then America we know will be gone forever. The TEA PARTY will let free trade succeed, but will sanction countries as China who are manipulating their coinage and cheating us.  We cannot trust the Democrats who remain deliberately unconcerned with non-citizens voting. Both parties refuse to enact mandatory E-Verify (H.R. 2885), to expel illegal aliens from businesses, and a Birthright Citizenship law (H.R. 140), that allows a projected 400.000 babies a year who gain citizenship, without a parent holding U.S. citizenship status. With an unmatched nationwide recession, the Democrats and Republicans have done nothing to reduce the 16 trillion deficits, that this country is now being financially asphyxiated.


American citizens have witnessed firsthand the destructive power of Obama’s socialist agenda and seen, with their own eyes, the destruction that radical Marxist advocate Sal D. Alinsky tactics have brought. Surf his name on the Internet and see the influence of people as this individual and Socialist George Soros.  Instead of Democrats following immigration laws as a policy issue they would rather stalk the state of Arizona, because they are the epicenter of illegal immigrants and migrants fleecing that state’s welfare coffers. Anybody who dares to go against the ultra left target is relentlessly pursued, such as Sheriff Joe Arpaio, or former Rep. Russell Pierce.  Incidentally—this country is a nation of laws, but since Obama has been in power they have been ignored.


We must use every asset, every tool, every means possible to stop the evil agenda in Washington and replace it with men of courage and vision, those dedicated to freedom, liberty and justice for all. We must do it NOW. Issues as the Tax code, which has been manipulated for the cronies in both parties. We need a tax equally for everybody and not just for corporate friends and the wealthy insiders of Wall Street, but for Main Street. The Tea Party is revolted by Obama’s nauseating lies and horrible claims about presidential candidate Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan. s the campaign continues, it becomes painfully clear the office of the President of the United States of America has been mired by the un-American oratory and persistent mud-slinging coming from the party of the donkey. The Liberal mainstream Media protects their love child. In recent days, the Obama Regime has attacked the evolution of the TEA PARTY—attacking Mitt Romney—Paul Ryan—U.S. Constitution-- Conservative form of government--America’s system of checks and balances (no more Congressional approval needed for presidential appointees)--Freedom, guns and the American way.  But the truth of the matter is clear, open and summarizing.   While Obama strains to accuse Romney of nasty and contemptible acts, the people of the Tea Party know better!


Obama has sanctioned Eric Holder’s and his minions “Gun Walking - Fast and Furious” which killed Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Then loving mothers and fathers, innocent grandparents and children in Mexico have been massacred by our weapons. Then U.S. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada has endorsed in the Senate that the IRS child tax credit for illegal aliens costing 5 billion annually should continue, even if the children live outside the U.S. The Tea Party stands for conservative values across the board and will NOT back down even when assumed Conservative Republicans demand the Tea Party shut-up and sit down? American people must stand up and be counted or we be leaning towards a Socialist nation, with a massive bureaucratic uncontrollable government that shadows us all, with handouts for everybody. Only the voters, the destitute and the freeloaders are in the Democratic pockets, who have always wanted ‘Something for nothing.’ It is the same with the illegal aliens who have poured through fences, protesting for equal rights once here, brandishing foreign flags, insisting for the same rights as citizens-legal residents and now being given food stamps for their votes, even though they scorned our immigration laws to come here.


Do you know that in the November 2010 mid-term election, less than 5 percent of military voters were able to cast an absentee vote that counted, according to data released by the federal Election Assistance Commission? Well sure, because they tend to vote Republican and NOT in Obama’s favor. Our own military men and women ROBBED of their vote.  What’s more as part of the ROB THE VOTE plan: 2 million DEAD people are included in U.S. voter rolls. Washington is viciously fighting Florida’s challenge to clean up and purge voter records of illegal’s, deceased, non-citizens and those not eligible to vote. Lax controls at voter polls; a national campaign such as ACORN soliciting foreigners to register to vote and a strong opposition to the use of photo ID at voter polls by the Washington Czars. JOIN THE TEA PARTY AND END THIS MOVEMENT TOWARDS SOCIALISM AS THE COUNTRY OF GREECE?


It might alarm you to know that there are some gaping holes in Barack Obama’s citizenship. Other than say decide for yourself, if the evidence supplied equals a response from the House of Representative and Senate. Just check out the relevant information at any TEA PARTY website or go directly to TEA PARTY DOT ORG.  So much intelligence is being concealed by the Democrats and the mainstream press to this oppressive travesty.

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