Cops to Roundup Local Drunks on the Roads

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There's only one acceptable answer to this question
Starting Friday, you can expect to see cops, cops, and more cops on the roads for a planned 18-day crackdown on wasted drivers.

Cops are really hoping you all stay sober through the end of the month -- or at least don't drive if you aren't. But just in case, there will be four sobriety checkpoints over the next three weeks, where cops will station themselves at various locations, and (literally) sniff out drunks.

"We would rather educate DUIs off the road, but if we have to do it the hard way and arrest them and take them to jail, we will," said Capt. Denis O'Leary. "A DUI conviction will cost thousands of dollars and haunt people for years."

It's also way more paperwork than the captain wants to do.

Here's the information you need to avoid waking up in jail with a really bad hangover:

  • Police will hold a sobriety checkpoint on Saturday, Aug. 18, at 8:30 p.m. on Geary Boulevard and Steiner Street;

  • Another checkpoint is scheduled for Friday, Aug. 24, at San Jose and Randall;

  • Police will conduct a checkpoint on Saturday, Aug. 25, at 19th Avenue and Winston Drive;

  • And a final checkpoint is scheduled for Friday, Aug. 31, at Broadway and the Embarcadero. 
In addition to these sobriety checks, The California Highway Patrol will saturate the roadways with cops over the Labor Day weekend.

So go ahead and drink your body weight in booze -- jut don't get behind the wheel if you do. Thanks. 

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