Cell Phone Thieves Watch Out: San Francisco Cops Are Coming After You

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Watch out!
It's not news that cell phone thieves run rampant in San Francisco, but what is news to us is that San Francisco cops are actually doing something about it -- or at least trying.

Amid the recent spike in gun violence, uniformed and plainclothes officers are flooding the area near Divisadero and Eddy streets to try and find these cellular knaves.

Police say this move is necessary, as cell phone robberies seems to be particularly "epidemic right now," Capt. Greg Corrales told SF Weekly.

In a span of one week, two robberies occurred at Divisadero and Eddy, on July 28 and Aug. 2; just three days later, another occurred just down the street at Divisadero and Geary Boulevard.

Not surprisingly, two of these thefts happened at bus stops, and the other thief snatched a phone from a distracted pedestrian.

Although most of the thieves were not armed, police still feel the need to "alert the public" of these tech crimes, Corrales said, "and to let them know that we're taking action." The fact that it's been hard to spot a cop in this area as of late due to staffing shortages hasn't helped, he added, though that's changing.

But the captain didn't miss this opportunity to tap into his alliterative flair:

There are people that know the identity of these remorseless robbers. If one can leave information anonymously by calling the Park Station Anonymous Tip Line at 731-2865.
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Paul Varga
Paul Varga

No because they only steal cell phones from THIS century.

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