Cat Hoarders Charged, 51 Rescued Felines Are Enjoying Their Freedom (Video)

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Courtesy of Monterey County SPCA
Here's some great news to add a little cheer to this foggy day. Those adorable adult cats that were rescued from two Monterey County animal hoarders last month are getting a little spring back into their step.

All 51 felines are making a slow yet very happy recovery at the SPCA shelter, where they reportedly have more space than they could dream of. Some of them are even coming out of hiding, looking for the lovin' they so deserve.

Just look how damn sweet they are:

The cats were rescued from a Seaside home on July 24 when a property manager tipped off authorities to the extreme feline hoarding that was going on over there. When officers arrived, they found 51 cats living in disgusting, unhealthy, cramped conditions with little to no ventilation. What's worse, health officials found the remains of 113 kittens.

All the surviving cats needed a great deal of medical attention, and four had emergency surgeries from severe infections. Three of them died.

While the friendly felines enjoy their newfound freedom, the accused hoarders, Donna Johnson and her mother, Maggie Johnson, are facing multiple charges of animal cruelty and animal neglect. They will be arraigned on Sept. 11.

If you are looking for ways to make these cats even happier, they have their own registry! Go here to buy them a cat tree, the panic mouse, or a cat thermal.

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My Vegan Journal
My Vegan Journal

Hurray! That's GREAT news! now it's time to let all of the animals who are abused & hoarded in slaughterhouses to be set free too! Compassion for all

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