Brian Cooper Identified as Man Shot by SFPD Cop

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San Francisco police have booked the suspect whom officers shot during a foot chase through the Potrero Hill neighborhood over the weekend. According to police, 31-year-old Brian Cooper has been treated for minor injuries and has since been moved from his hospital bed to a jail cell.

A San Francisco cop shot Cooper on Aug. 4 after he allegedly pulled a firearm out and pointed it at the officer, police said.

The incident started at 6:36 p.m. when officers were called to the unit block of Dakota on reports of a dispute. When they arrived and knocked, nobody answered the door, so police left.

Not long after that call, an anonymous caller phoned police to report that there was a man with a gun leaving a residence on the unit block of Dakota.Two officers who were in the area towing a car on a separate incident spotted the fleeing suspect and began chasing after him, ordering him to stop, police said.

Cooper ran all the way to Missouri Street with the cops on his trail. On the 800 block of Missouri, one of the officers says he saw Cooper holding a gun. At that time, Cooper stumbled and, as he began to stand back up, he turned toward the cop and allegedly pointed the gun at the officer over his left shoulder, Shyy said. 

Fearing for his life, the officer fired three shots, hitting Cooper in the leg, lower back, and foot. The officer gave him first aid until the paramedics arrived and took him to San Francisco General Hospital.

At a Town Hall meeting today, Cooper's family said they don't see how he could have been turned toward the officer if he was shot in the lower back. But Police Chief Greg Suhr reiterated that the suspect had the gun in his right hand and pointed it over his left shoulder.

Cooper was booked on assault on a police officer with a firearm, possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, drug charges, and he was a parolee at large to boot. He in San Francisco County Jail, while the officer involved has been out on paid leave, per the typical SFPD protocol. The officer-involved shooting is being investigated by the SFPD Internal Affairs Division, SFPD Homicide Unit, District Attorney's Office, and the Office of Citizen Complaint.

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hplovecraft topcommenter

Third sentence , last paragraph : "He in San Francisco County Jail.." Typo or Ebonics ?

Either way , bet he's glad the Mayor dropped plans for 'stop and frisk'.. "That be profiling."

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