Brangelina: Guess What's Wrong With This Photo

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been poked, prodded, and splayed across so many pages that one could be forgiven for ceasing to consider them real, live people. Instead, they're a tabula rasa, an abstract concept -- beautiful wax figures.

You'll certainly get this impression if you read the Examiner. Accompanying today's gossip story about Brangelina, the paper has chosen the following image of the jet-setting couple dressed inordinately formally for a trip about Australia. Can you spot what's odd about this image?


Well, if you exclaimed "That's not Brangelina, it's a couple of goddamn wax sculptures from Madame Tussauds!' -- good for you!

The giveaway: Brad's outmoded hairdo and young Tom Waits visage is a dead ringer for the mug staring at San Francisco bus- and trolley-riders from ads for our local iteration of the wax museum.

So, per the Ex story, don't give Brangelina gifts. And don't leave gifts at the feet of these graven images, either, for that would constitute idolatry.

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