BART Riders Seem "Optimistic" About Bike Fridays

BART took its first stab at journalism today with this man-on-the-street report detailing how riders felt about today's first Bike Friday, where cyclists were allowed to bring bikes on board BART trains during rush hour.

We know as BART riders there's a lot of mixed feelings about whether bikes should be on board during the commute crush. But, naturally, this video only lets us hear from people who are rather "optimistic" about the pilot program, which started today. That's what we would call biased reporting.

In any event, here's the "wide range of opinions" from BART riders.

Currently, bikes are persona non grata on trains during commute hours for obvious reasons -- they take up too much damn space. But starting today -- and every Friday in August -- BART will run this fun experiment, allowing bikes on trains during the morning and evening commute just to see what happens.

If you weren't interviewed by BART for this film, don't sweat it; the transit agency has volunteers handing out surveys to thousands of riders today, asking them what they think about sharing the trains with bikes at all hours of the day.

Those comments will help BART decide whether to make this program permanent.

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