BART Says It's Cleaned Poop and Pee From Most Broken Escalators

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BART passengers
It's been challenging to walk up and down the broken BART escalators as of late without thinking of how much poop and pee is caked inside the broken stairs.

Fortunately, BART has been hard at work, cleaning up and fixing those public escalators that had become the dumping ground -- literally -- for passengers who were too old to wear a diaper, but too desperate to hold it.

According to BART, 172 of the transit agency's 179 escalators were up and running as of Wednesday night. That's 96 percent! Now, if only BART could reach that number with its on-time performance.

So how'd these escalators get such a quick fix? Well, you can thank the local media, as much as that might pain you.

After the San Francisco Chronicle made us gag with an article revealing how much human excrement had been "gumming up the gears" of escalators, BART "redoubled its efforts" to repair them.

The agency assigned as many electricians to the job as its overtime budget would allow -- and in some cases called on outside contractors. Seeing how this problem could reoccur, BART is now considering an apprenticeship program.

Either that, or BART just might make it so that people can't relieve themselves on escalators again.

"BART is taking a look at enclosures of busy street-level escalator entrances," said board Vice President Tom Radulovich. "Enclosures would protect the escalators from the weather and would also keep people out of the station entrances during non-service hours."

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Carlos Olite
Carlos Olite

"On the next episode of Dirty Jobs..." haha, i was just thinking about it!! xD

Shannon Moore
Shannon Moore

Forget the escalators, what about the elevators? For those of us in wheelchairs, we've dealt with disgusting conditions without any alternative forever. Elevators are private bathroom stalls for lots of people. At least you can step over the poo!

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