Another Unsavory Needle Found in Airplane Food

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The latest eating utensil
You can go ahead and add Air Canada to the list of airlines whose food you won't want to eat. The airline confirmed yesterday that a passenger found a sewing needle in his pre-packaged sandwich served aboard the Toronto-bound flight.

We'd chalk this up to an anomaly probably not worth reporting if a bunch of needles hadn't been found in five other sandwiches on a Delta Airlines flight two weeks earlier. Now, for the burning question: Were the Delta Airlines and Air Canada sandwiches made by the same company? No, says Gate Gourmet, which makes sandwiches for Delta.

Which leaves investigators wondering whether this is a copycat.
Unlike the Delta incident, nobody on the Canada flight ate the needle or was injured that we know of, however, it certainly caused those hungry airlines passengers mental anguish.

Air Canada assures everyone that they will trace the needle back to its origin; a full investigation is underway and Air Canada has contacted the caterers who prepared the meals, but has refused to release the name of the company.

Investigators are also interviewing all sandwich-eating passengers to see if they might know how the hell a needle made its way into their lunch. In the meantime, maybe the TSA should start treating sandwiches as they do passengers, and conduct the full body bread screen before they board.

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