Unwelcome Cougar Shot After Allegedly Breaking Into Family Home

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Likes her Sunday morning eggs over easy
There are so many reasons not to live in the far-flung communities of the Central Valley -- bad schools, bad husbands, and really bad credit.

Oh, and those uninvited cougars -- there's another reason.

Turlock resident Tami Mendonca was doing some yard work at her home on Sunday morning when she heard a loud crash in the back of the house. She found her back door had been "kicked in" and was hanging by its hinges, the Sacramento Bee reports.

So she did what any sane woman living in Turlock would do -- she grabbed her machete.

When police arrived, they investigated the house and found nothing amiss. Sheriff's deputies informed Tami and her husband, Ray, that nothing had been taken in what appeared to be an attempted burglary.

Just as they were feeling relieved, the family dog started barking as it dashed toward a tree in the front yard. Everyone froze, looked up at the tree, and saw the suspect: a 100-pound mountain lion, the Bee reports.

The female cougar waited a bit before she decided to come down from the tree and meet her fate; sheriff's deputies shot and killed her, claiming the cougar was "a threat to public safety."

So there you have it -- a quiet Sunday morning in Turlock.

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