Suspect Sketch Released in Shooting of Texas Lesbians

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Police are looking for this guy
Police have finally released a sketch of the suspect connected to the South Texas shooting of two teenage lesbians that left one girl dead and the other critically wounded.

A witness came forward and described the suspect as a skinny male in his 20s, weighing 140 pounds. Police put together this composite to the right and released it yesterday afternoon.

The cops have yet to interview 18-year-old Mary Kristene Chapa, who is recovering from a gunshot wound to the head. She regained consciousness last week, but her girlfriend, 19-year-old Mollie Olgin, died. Although the teens had been involved in a same-sex relationship since February, police say they are not yet investigating the shooting as a hate crime, and have not yet determined the motivation for the shooting.

On June 23, Olgin and Chapa were hanging out in the park in Portland, Texas, before catching a movie, when they were shot. The girls were found the next morning in the grass. Neighbors had reported hearing either gunshots or something that sounded like firecrackers, but nobody reported it that night.

LGBT communities across the nation, including right here in San Francisco, have rallied around the teens and their families, holding vigils and raising money. A photo of the girls kissing sits on the corner of Castro and 18th streets, with signs of love and support. 

Chapa's father had just taken a new job and does not yet have health insurance. As the hospital bills mount, the family is welcoming all donations to help with Kristene's recovery. Feel free to make a donation here, or send checks to Prosperity Bank, 1127 East Sinton St., Sinton, TX, 78387.

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