Supervisor Eric Mar, Happy Meal Crusader, Adds Smokers to the List of Things He Dislikes

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The picture says it all
Supervisor Eric Mar, the unhappy french fry guy, has taken on some rather dubious causes: Banning Happy Meals and stripper mobiles. But since 86ing cheap meat and strippers isn't going to totally protect your children from this terrible place called Earth, Mar has decided to go ahead and ban smoking at local street fairs, too.

According to his proposed legislation, all outdoor events held on property owned by the city to be smoke free and organizers of these events would have to post signs letting smokers know they aren't welcome as long as they plan to light up.

Here's what Mar has to say for himself:

"This is another step forward to protect the public's health from the dangers of second-hand smoke," said Mar, who noted that 73,000 non-smokers die every year from said effects. It's a critical public health danger with no safe level of exposure."

But wait. What about pot smokers?
Medical Marijuana smokers are exempt, Mar says. "My hope is that people wouldn't light up at community festivals," Mar tells the HuffPo. "But if it's something medical and prescribed by a doctor, that should be permitted."

Now that we think about it, Mar would actually make a really great nanny.

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What would be more productive to the city, 


a.  Mar as supervisor spends his days filling pot holes in his district and stops passing new idiotic laws


b.  Mar continues legislating everyone in the city with his non sense


I do agree with Mar on one subject. We as smokers do not like him either.. "73,000 non-smokers die every year from said effects" yet nothing is being done to the SOURCE.. No restrictions by the g'ment, continued 'b'ness as usual' by the FDA. Only the citizens are targeted. Keep the kick-backs rolling and intimidate the users because there's no profit in them. Yes indeed, Eric Mar is a hated slug just as he hates all strangers who smoke. 


Don't forget banks!  Eric also wants to make banks subject to "formula retail" - apparently, he somehow thinks that the Richmond District has been beseiged by big banks forcing out small businesses.  I think there has been one new bank west of 25th Ave in the last 50 years..  Personally, I think he is pandering to the "Occupy" crowd to show how "progressive" he is.  Progressive ultimately ends up meaning "deny choices that I don't like".

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