Pot Smoker Rips Off Rosary Beads in the Haight District

What the hell?
How many Hail Marys would a priest dole out for stealing Rosary Beads?

Last week, a man walked into a store on the corner of Haight and Clayton streets, where snatched some rosary beads and ran off. The merchant called police who were on the lookout for a stoned dude possibly saying his Hail Marys. Even that's a strange sight for the Haight. 

Sure enough, police saw the pious pilferer flaunting his stolen beads along Haight Street.

When police investigated a little more, they discovered he was not only in possession of rosary beads that didn't belong to him, but he also had plenty of marijuana in tow.

Needless to say, the man was arrested on suspicion of theft and being in possession of the Weed with Roots in Hell.

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