Pablo Sandoval Will Not Be Arrested for Alleged Sexual Assault

A happy Pablo
It's been a good week for Pablo "Kung Fu Panda" Sandoval. On Tuesday, he helped lead the National League to a Giant blowout in the All-Star game, and today, investigators say there is insufficient evidence to arrest him for alleged sexual assault.

On June 1, a 21-year-old Santa Cruz native filed a sexual assault complaint against Sandoval. She told investigators that she had met with a small group of people, including Sandoval, in downtown Santa Cruz on May 31. Later, they went to the Seascape Beach Resort in Aptos, where she claimed that he sexually assaulted her.

Deputies questioned a cooperative Sandoval at the Aptos resort and later at the Sheriff's Office with his attorneys present.

Sandoval's lawyer, Eric Geffon, previously said that the sex was consensual.

At the time, Sandoval was rehabbing his broken bone left hand, which explains why he wasn't with the Giants.

"The Sheriff's Office conducted interviews and collected biological and physical evidence, some of which was analyzed by the California Department of Justice," Deputy April Skalland, spokeswoman for the Sheriff's Office, said in a press release today.

The Sheriff's Office forwarded the investigation to prosecutors for their review, recommending that charges not be filed against Sandoval. Santa Cruz District Attorney Bob Lee said they are "in the process of making that decision" now.

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Paul Wallin
Paul Wallin

Sandoval is a lucky man indeed. At our law firm we have been helping people falsely accused of “date rape” and similar sexual offenses for over 30 years. What we find time after time is that men place themselves in situations to be falsely accused. For example, when they meet a woman at a bar, alcohol is consumed by both parties, sexual activity follows, and a day or a week later sexual abuse allegations are filed by the female. This type of “risky behavior” leads to sexual abuse allegations that can destroy a man’s life.  We urge those that participate in this type of behavior to keep in mind that “memories” of men and women often differ as to whether the sexual conduct was “consensual” or not. There is a separate crime in California to have sexual relations with a person who is so intoxicated that they cannot legally consent. Please keep this in mind if you do not want to have to face sexual abuse charges that can result in prison time and you having to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life. Paul J. Wallin Wallin & Klarich: A Law Corporation, Senior Partner.

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