Occupy Noe Valley Tries to Save More Homes

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Since Occupy Bernal has proven to be the only local Occupy group to actually get shit done, homeowners in Noe Valley went ahead and formed a similar movement, riffing off Bernal's model of not occupying.

In other words, no tents necessary.

Tomorrow, Occupy Noe will start collecting signatures at the Noe Valley Bank of America to protest the pending foreclosure of one of their dear neighbors: the Musni family.

Occupy Noe tells us that the Musnis have lived in their Noe Valley home on Randall Street for a loooong 40 years, where they raised seven children. Now, the Musnis, who are senior citizens, are on the brink of losing their home after struggling to negotiate a mortgage payment with the much-despised BofA.

According to Occupy Noe, the family successfully met a three-month trial payment schedule, during which they gave the bank more than $17,000. Despite taking this cash, BofA has yet to cancel an auction set for July 25, a sinister practice known as "dual-tracking." 

"What we have paid in the trial period is impossible to continue and is basically a slow death," said Ms. Musni, a registered labor and delivery nurse. What's more, Ms. Musni says she has run into a streak of bad luck with her health; she's had some medical injuries and surgeries that's contributed to a decline in the family income. Her most recent surgery may have put her out of work for good, she claims.

Tomorrow, Occupy Noe, Occupy Bernal, and neighbors say they will stand with the Musnis and demand that BofA do the right thing.

"We want a reasonable, fair mortgage that still allows us to buy the basic necessities of life and remain in the home and neighborhood we love," the Musnis said in a statement.

Occupy Noe organized this summer after learning there were more than 70 homes in foreclosure around the Noe Valley and Glen Park neighborhoods. Occupiers have been knocking on those doors to help homeowners find other options and work with Department of Housing and Urban Development specialists for advice.

"We were shocked," Susan McDonough, a member of Occupy Noe, said of the number of foreclosures. "[I] have met some wonderful folks and [we are] working with some of those families right now."

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They lived in their house for 40 years and are still paying a mortgage?


How much CASH did they take out of their house the last time they refinanced? The last "victim" the Occupy was trying to "protect" took over $900K out of her house and lost it in the real estate market...


If you have lived in Noe for over a decade, your house has probably doubled or tripled in value or more. There is simply no reason you should be in foreclosure except for your own greed or stupidity.

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