Oakland City Leaders Are Picking Marijuana Over Murders, Chronicle Columnist Says

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Based on this photo, do you think Mayor Quan is high?
What the hell are Oakland city leaders smoking these days?

As the Chron's Chip Johnson astutely notes this week, Oakland city leaders' priorities are completely ass backwards, as evidenced by their reaction to the two biggest news stories in the last few weeks -- you know, the ones involves pot clubs and murders.

When the news broke that five people were shot at the popular Jack London Square movie theater in Oakland, city officials didn't seem to flinch; Mayor Jean Quan wouldn't even answer reporters questions about incident, Johnson explains.

Fast forward a few news cycles, when Oakland City Hall learned that Harborside Health Center, the state's largest pot club, which happens to be right here in Oakland, was on the outs, well that sure was alarming enough to organize a campaign and a press appearance among city leaders.

Surprised? Nope. Worried? Very.

As Johnson puts it:

When the closure of a pot club gets an immediate response from City Hall, but a killing each day for a week doesn't, it casts serious doubts on the city's ability to get its priorities straight.... It's pretty hard to take seriously the mayor's commitment to reducing violent crime when she's ducking basic questions about crime in the city. It makes her look disingenuous and weak and ineffective.
Now Oakland City Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan tells Johnson that she attended the press conference about the pot club closure simply because it was a chance to address the need for more cops on the streets. She said a press conference about a pot club will draw crowds that a community meeting won't. So that's her excuse.

"My entire purpose was not to say we should spend more time on the dispensaries, but that those resources [including federal law enforcement] need to be focused on stopping the gun violence and stopping the gun flow coming in from out of state," Kaplan said.

Great. So who wants to catch a movie this weekend in Oakland?

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As Oakland is at or near bankruptcy, it makes perfect sense.  Oakland needs the tax revenue from the dispensary to survive.  Solving murders depletes revenue.

Mick Maus
Mick Maus

Are you seriously putting a picture of the mayor in a wizard hat up as your header image with a caption about her being high? This is journalistic fluff.


You do realize that from July 6-12 there were 7 homicides in Oakland, right? There were also 17 people shot (including the 5 at the movie theater) during the past 10 days. 

Your article sucks
Your article sucks

There wasn't a killing each day for a week. It was one instance where 5 people were shot. Did you read your own article or are you using word play to make a desperate attempt at a point?


Some lunatic shooting up people in one instant is more important than fighting the ongoing saga of medical cannabis that touches *millions* of lives?   Yes, spend as much time on dispensaries as it takes to FIX the issue.

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