Notorious "Tip Jar Stealer" Finally Busted

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A San Francisco man who had been stealing from tip jars around the Richmond District was finally caught red-handed.

Police say they spotted the 64-year-old suspect getting off a Muni bus at Sixth Avenue last week. The officer recognized the man, who had been coined the "Tip Jar Stealer," so he followed him.

Sure enough, the suspect walked into a Schubert's Bakery on the 500 block of Clement Street, and stuck his greedy hands into the tip jar. He grabbed the cash, put it in his jacket, and walked away, as if it were money he had earned.

"He just put his hand in the tip jar and took a dollar or two," said one employee who didn't want to use her name. "I heard [it's happened to] a lot of stores here."

As the suspect turned to leave the bakery, he bumped right into the knowing police officer. The cop grabbed the cash from the suspect, whose only defense was: "What did I do? I need some money!"

The officer quickly learned where all his money was going once he found a pipe used for smoking narcotics in his pocket. Police arrested the man on suspicion of burglary, possession of stolen property, and narcotics violations.

Needless to say, the only thing this man rightly earned was a trip to county jail.

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Is it legal to publish his name?  Yes.  Why help criminal hide?

Hawaii-50 1 Like

How much you wanna bet he was Black?


Um, and why the f*ck would that matter? Rhetorical question by the way.


I would beat that guy down if he tried to snag my hard earned tips for crack lol

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