Noe Valley Residents Claim They Are Victims of Hitchcock-Like Bird Attacks

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Dolores Street?
It's like a scene right out of The Birds. Noe Valley residents have been complaining of recent bird attacks, including aggressive pecking, taunting, and intimidating stare-downs.

The avian gangs are out in force, so much so that residents on the city's sunny side have been posting signs around the 'hood warning others of these recent bird attacks.

Greg Delory, a Noe Valley dad, told KTVU he thought these warning signs were hilarious, until he was pecked by an unfriendly bird himself. Then he wasn't laughing.
The Birds are coming!
He described the bizarre avian attack to the news station, saying he was walking down the street when he felt something or someone slam into his back. He turned around and saw this little black bird on the sidewalk, staring him down.

Delory was pecked again as he walked his son to the playground one morning. "They're pretty aggressive. It's kind of shocking, actually," he said.

Another woman reported seeing a group of birds swoop down on her pup and taunted the dog with their beaks.

While pigeons get a bad rap around San Francisco, word on the street is that the mean birds are little black sparrows, just like the ones seen in Hitchcock's 1963 thriller. "If birds fly around me, it scares me," one neighbor said.

So if you see a small feathered creature flying toward you while you traverse Dolores Street today, duck.

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