Nelson Centeno, S.F. Man, Accused of Kidnapping and Raping Woman

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Daly City couple attacked
A Daly City couple's night on the town in San Francisco turned violent on Saturday after a man allegedly kidnapped a woman, raped her, and beat the man she was with, police said.

Sgt. Michael Andraychak tells us that 33-year-old Nelson Centeno was at a club on the 1000 block of Folsom Street when he met the couple at the bar. He offered the man and woman a ride home, and they agreed.

After the woman got into the car, Centeno allegedly beat the man, then drove off with the 30-year-old woman still inside his car.

Police say the suspect drove the woman to an unknown location and raped her. It's not clear who called the police, but Centeno was caught later that morning on the 2900 block of San Bruno Avenue. He was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, rape, assault, and resisting arrest, Andraychak tells us.


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The lady was sitting in the car even though her bf was getting pummeled on the curb? I hate it when my date is completely unaware of everything going on around her. I can see people coming a mile away.


Something sounds really off about this story.  Who accepts a ride from a random person at a bar.  Sounds like a threesome gone wrong.

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