Those Neglected Horses Rescued From Contra Costa County Ranch Are Doing Great

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Here's some good news to offset all the recent slew of shootings, rapes, and robberies. Those sad-looking horses that were rescued from a CoCo ranch where they were badly neglected have been nursed back to good health.

According to KTVU, which is crediting itself for saving the four horses' lives, the mares are gaining the weight they badly needed as well as getting the love and attention they need and want. The racing horses are regularly seeing a vet and generally enjoying their "new lease on life."

"They're just lovely ladies," said Carol Ormand, the horses' vet.

But in April, when they were rescued by Animal Care Services, the horses weren't so lovely --  just skin and protruding bones.

A group of concerned residents took photos of the racing horses and sent them to the county's Animals Services. Nothing was done until KTVU aired a report on the horses, showing photos of their patchy coats and "ripples of ribs."

That's when Contra Costa County Animal Services finally intervened and removed the four horses from the El Sobrante ranch. Director Glenn Howell admitted he effed up by not responding to complaints sooner. He said he's sorry and that mistake won't happen again.

As for the horses' owner, 27-year-old Julio Cesar Nungaray-Guzman is in jail, and is currently being held by immigration authorities.

He pleaded not guilty to four felony counts.

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