Mayor Ed Lee to Explain What's So Great About Obama's Tax Plan

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Wants to have coffee with you.
Since President Obama is tied up in NYC and can't swing another trip to the left coast to shake us down for more support, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has taken it upon himself to serve as the president's proxy. The mayor has scheduled a coffee date tomorrow with voters, where he plans to explain exactly what's at stake in this presidential election.

Lee's coffee break begins at 5:30 p.m. at Farley's, where he and San Francisco volunteers are expected to share insight about about President Obama's "middle-out" tax plan and other issues in the election.

Now might be a good time to say that the only thing more boring than listening to Mayor Ed Lee talk is listening to Mayor Ed Lee talk about taxes.

Obama's campaign has been touting the president's plan, claiming it will extend tax cuts for the middle class (what's left of it) and ask the wealthy to pay up in a middle-out (not top-down) approach to build the floundering economy.

During his presidency, Obama has thus far "passed wide-ranging tax relief for working families, including a payroll tax cut for every American worker, and tax cuts for small businesses to help them weather the recession and spur new private sector hiring," according to a statement from his campaign.

In this July ad Obama's campaign also denounced Republican presumptive nominee Mitt Romney's plan, which, the president said, will eliminate tax breaks and will increase taxes for 18 million families.

Romney spokesman Ryan Williams denounced Obama's plan to media outlets, and told the press that Romney "has a plan to reform our broken tax code, help middle-class Americans save and invest and jump-start economic growth and job creation."

All who wish to see the mayor's mustache should be at 1315 18th St. at 5:30 p.m. sharp.

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